The main goals are the conception of the methodology for the network implementation and management and also the design and realization of the material for the pilot, like the case study videos and storytelling about success histories of social entrepreneurship and also the e-books with the nuclear material for business models elaboration.

A common methodology will be created to In order to create and implement the iNSPIRING Live HUB, it will be necessary to conceive a common methodology that will help to implement the network. The definition of a common guideline for all countries, but integrating the specificities of each entrepreneurship model identified in each country of the consortium. There will also be the Realization of the Learning Materials; in which this phase will focus on the design and delivery of the materials to be used in the pilot program (case study videos; storytelling of Social Entrepreneurs, and e-books) that will allow the young unemployed people to integrate the network and define their business plans.