The Innovative Thinking Association, founded by prioritizing the goals of “Sustainable Development,” to support the creation of ecosystems in the “existence” and development processes of individuals and communities in the globalizing world and produce an innovative influence on thinking systems. In order to counter critical issues such as poverty, migration, youth unemployment, social exclusion, climate change, and environmental problems, it aims to develop mechanisms and policies that will strengthen the development of 21st-century skills such as analytical thinking, creativity, innovation, digital skills, and problem-solving at local and national level. With a holistic approach and a multicultural work/ learning environment,  the  association carries out training and projects by adopting a design-oriented, innovative thinking lens for meeting all modern-day needs from individual to organizational, in coordination with a professional network national and international. ITA develops the program and training modules to take attention in global issues: critical thinking, design thinking, game-based learning, environment training tools, digital storytelling with promoting non-formal learning methodology.