The University of Turin (UNITO) established in 1404, is one of Italy’s largest universities, with approximately 70,000 students, 3,900 employees (academic, administrative, and technical staff), and 1,800 postgraduate and post-doctoral research fellows. Research and education are carried out in 27 Departments, encompassing all scientific disciplines. According to the latest international data from the Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR), the University of Turin is currently ranked in the top half of the rankings for teaching, research, and third mission and in fifth place in Italy. As far as internationalisation is concerned, UNITO is involved in more than 450 formal international cooperation agreements with institutions worldwide (South America, Mediterranean countries, India, and China, as well as Europe), including joint training programs at universities and doctoral levels. UNITO is deeply committed to scientific research and manages around 500 projects annually, both nationally and internationally. Among the 27 Departments, the Department of Management is committed to its mission and vision to create value for its stakeholders, both in the private and public sector and third sector entities, by training people, developing talent, and sharing research results and knowledge. The tools and results created by researchers are transferred into a wide range of master’s and professional courses designed in collaboration with the private sector and public bodies to enhance the management and innovation skills and competencies of junior and senior staff. All these actions aim to exchange knowledge between businesses and students from all grades and seniority.