Voices of the World is a non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium. VOW works in implementing regional, national, European and International projects in social cohesion, diversity and integration, a European common education framework, entrepreneurship, and Edtech. It collaborates with other international stakeholders NGOs, educational and research centers, and companies to achieve its objectives. VOW promotes the involvement of youth in policymaking at the local, national and EU level, it provides digital literacy training: Coding, algorithms, graphic design, communications, and online education; educates and encourages the involvement of youth in advocating for environmental sustainability and going green. VOW uses a community approach to tackle the formal or informal educational gap that exists for all age groups. With the help of researchers and educators and youth workers. It aims to create sustainable solutions to societal and economical gaps. It often organizes socio-cultural activities in collaboration with the Flanders state of Brussels to promote regional social cohesion and integration for migrants, and provides training and integration guidance to refugees and migrants. VOW has been partnering and coordinating Erasmus+ projects since 2018.